Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paper Napkin Transfer Card

I have always wanted to try the Napkin transfer technique.
I had an extra day off from school today, and I was given a package of paper napkins.
So it seemed like a good time to try the transfer.
This technique is a great way to get a cool 
back ground on your card or scrapbook page, without spending any money.

Supplies needed are:
Printed paper napkin
ironing board or towel
 (I started with my mini Iron, but decided I needed my full size iron)
 two sheets of unprinted paper
plastic wrap, brand doesn't matter.
Card stock, cut to size you need

My card stock was cut at 4 x 5 1/4 inches.
Just to enough to fit the front of an A2 card.

After you have all your supplies, take one napkin and peel away all the layers.
There are 3 layers to the decorated paper napkins.
You want the printed piece only.

Next, Layer all pieces as shown below:
Towel/iron board
Sheet of unprinted paper
Your precut card stock
one sheet of plastic wrap to cover your precut card stock
Situate your napkin over plastic wrap
Then lay down another piece of unprinted paper
Everything should be sandwiched, nice and neat.

Start ironing on the top, unprinted sheet.
I ironed for about 30 seconds, then started lifting layers to see if the napkin is sticking to the card stock. I kept ironing in places that were not sticking well.

Once I was sure the napkin was sticking to the card stock, I started peeling everything apart.
This is a little messy. Be careful not to peel the napkin from the card stock.

Trim the napkin around the card stock.

And its ready to use.
It has a nice soft feel to it. Like fabric.
And the possibilities are as endless as there are Napkins!!!

Also on this card I used Stampin Up's 
Falling Flowers and Rose Wonder stamp sets
and, Rose Garden and May Flowers Framelits Dies.

Note: Be careful not to melt the plastic wrap to your iron. ;)

Happy Stamping!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Star quilt, and off centered diamond

Just a little show and tell!!!!
I spent the fall season working on two quilts for Christmas gifts.
Those gifts were given to my girls.

I'm pretty sure they knew all along what I was making them for Christmas. 
I asked alot of questions, to figure out colors, and patterns, they would like best.
Quilting has been passed down in my family. Hand quilting, machine quilting 
and everything in between.
Everyone in my family had and has, some sort of artistic, creative powers.
I'm happy to say, my daughters are finally showing their creative powers. Now that they both own homes and have families of their own, they are creating beautiful works of art to decorate their homes.
It's nice to know, Mom and Grandmother taught me well enough to pass something on to my own girls. I love seeing their creations as they become more creative.

Before Mom got sick she bought a quilting machine. She loved playing with it. She tried all kinds of creative quilting styles. and designs. I'm not that brave. I have been using my Mother's quilting machine, but for now I tend to stick to simple quilting styles.
Its still bitter sweet, using her machine. I miss Mom, keeping an eye on me, and reminding me to make sure I keep the wrinkles off the backing, and be mindful of my stitching. 
Not too tight, not too loose.

The pictures are not the best. But it is the dead of winter here. 
And cold dreary days make these quilts much needed.

My oldest daughters quilt....

And the youngest daughters quilt.....

With Christmas over, I am currently working on one of my Mother's quilts.
I hope to get it finished in January, and add it to Mom's donation pile.

Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Flourishing Phrases, Birthday card

Today, I created Birthday card.
Trying to use up the tons of paper and products I have collected over the years.

Today, I used paper that I got, from who knows where, but I know its pretty old.
These papers have been in my stash for years.
Today was their lucky day!
I used Stampin Up's Flourishing Phrases to create this card.
As well as the Flourish Thinlits
And this is what I came up with.....



Folded, showing the inside:

Directions for the Folded card:
To create the folded card, I used a 12x12 piece of card stock. 
I used the score board and scored it at 6 inches.

Then turn the paper and score again at 6 inches.
This should have created a scored cross, plus sign or X across your paper.
Whatever you want to call the score lines.

Using scissors, cut on one scored line, just to the center, where the scored lines cross.

Put the diagonal plate into the score board and score a diagonal line toward the center.

Fold the card stock with the diagonal line, folded toward the inside.

Add tape to one side.

Fold card, and fold the taped side over last.

Your card should look like this.

Now have fun  and decorate!!!!!
Happy Stamping!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Flourishing Phrases, note cards

What do you do with a box of note cards, that was given to you?
Well, dress them up, of course!

I used Stampin Up's Flourishing Phrases stamp set and Flourish Thinlits for this card set. Ink colors, Melon Mambo and Pumpkin pie. Paper, Night of navy, Very Vanilla, and Gold Glimmer. Navy twine.

I was in desperate need of thank you cards, after the holiday. I'm also on a mission to use products I already have, to make room for new.

Happy Stamping!
And Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Poncho Mania

It all started when my daughter shared a Pinterest pin,
 about a little girls poncho, that can be used with a car seat.
Cassie said she needed something for her daughter to wear while sitting in the car seat that would keep her warm during the winter months.
I had to check it out.
I was already frustrated with all the new rules about how children shouldn't wear coats in car seats.
I thought.....Thats just not right.
If your wearing a coat, why wouldn't you put your child in one? 
But my daughter says, No coats in car seats. Its not safe.
Things change so often, I can't keep up.

So, when she sent the pin for a poncho, I jumped on the chance to make something warm for my granddaughter to wear in her car seat.

This is the tutorial Cassie shared with me.

What a wonderful idea!

I made my Granddaughter two ponchos. Following the instructions on the site.
One for spring, and one for winter.
The spring poncho, is anti-pill fleece and a floral print.
For the winter poncho I used Luxe fleece, from Joanns, bought at 50% off. I love a sale!
The Luxe fleece has a tighter weave which helps block wind.
Its nice and thick for warmth.
I added buttons at the neck on both of these.

Here is my grand daughter wearing it in her car seat.

And here is my little cutie keeping warm on a snowy day!

The woman who created the tutorial for these, did a fantastic job, and I had no problems following her directions. It makes my daughter, and I happy to keep this little girl warm in winter weather.
Here is the site I used for directions, 

I loved how cute these turned out, so I decided my Grandson (Alex's little one) needed one too. 
However, I didn't really want a girly looking poncho. I had a hard time finding a tutorial for a boys poncho. So I decided to make my own poncho pattern.
Sadly, I have no tutorial for the one I made. 
I created it as I worked on it.

 I made it reversable.
With a pocket on both sides.
I also added a tie at the neck.

It turned out cuter than I expected.
I thought about adding a button under both arms.
But Alex said it wasn't needed.

He's a cutie too!!!
I forgot to get a picture of him wearing it in his car seat.

Its nice to know these babies can now be buckled into their car seats and still keep warm.
What a great idea, whoever thought of these ponchos. 
I will continue to make these for each of my grandbabies as needed.
And keeping them warm during northern weather is a must.

Happy sewing!!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Bright & Beautiful Christmas card

Its been a while since I've posted.
I wanted to let everyone know, that even though I am no longer a Demonstrator, I am still going to make cards and share.
I will no doubt be using older stamp sets, since I have an extensive collection of stamps.
But the ideas and creations will continue to come.
I was a little late sending cards this year, but I did manage to get some out.

I miss making cards. But mostly I have missed making cards with friends.

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Christmas!

Today's post is my 2016 Christmas card.

On this Z folded card, I used Bright and Beautiful, Ornamental Pine, and Petite Pairs, Stampin Up Sets.
The striped paper is from Hobby Lobby. 
The green paper, was also folded in The Z fold style, placed on the card in the opposite position. 
This fun fold seems to be all over right now, so I decided to try it.
There are lots of pop up, 3D options you can create using this fun fold style.

Dear Friends, (you know who you are) I am missing you, and I miss class with you.
I have been thinking of each of you, and wishing all of  you well.
Take care, and I hope to see you again sometime.
I'm still available if you need help with creative ideas!
Happy Stamping!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sewing Machines, Not what they seem.

Over the many years, I have learned a thing or two about my sewing machines.
First and foremost..... Mom was right, and I should have listened.

While I was growing up, Mom taught me to sew, by hand and with machine.
I loved machine better, as I didn't have the patience it takes to sew by hand.
I wanted immediate results, which I got with a machine. But any screw up on my part, also meant many hours removing stitches. 
Mom had an old Singer/Kenmore machine, 
It weighed a ton and It looked something like this....
Not an actual picture of Mom's machine. But it looks pretty darn close to hers. 
I never knew what happened to her green machine.
I remember breaking the reverse knob on hers, years ago.

It was heavy duty. I sewed every prom dress for my sisters and I. 
I also sewed wedding dresses and brides maid dresses for my sister and I on that machine.
And clothing for my girls. 
Well, by the time I moved out and decided to buy a machine of my own, Mom said,
"Buy one with all metal parts. They last longer."
Ummm..... No I don't think so Mom, I want the new and updated versions.
With all the fancy stitches.
Well, sad to say, I have been through 3 machines since then. 
Two newer Singers, and one Brother machine. 
And I very rarely used the fancy stitches.

 I've finally learned my lesson. Mom was right.
After taking my Brother machine to be repaired, I was told that the new machines are built with all plastic parts. 
That I already knew. 
What I didn't know, is that, these new machines are not meant to be fixed. You can't even get inside the machines to fix them, and they don't make replacement parts.
The repair guy, said the machines of today, are what he calls
Isn't that terrible?
So not only are we wasting money, but we are filling up the land fills.
And these machines can't handle heavy materials like jean, leather or canvas. 

Here is the culprit .......
I paid about $130.00 for this one.
He did manage to fix this one. Because I didn't break any of the plastic parts.
But he said I may not have that luck next time.
My machine repair man said, " Find an old machine. One with all metal parts."
Hmmm...... Where did I hear that before????

Off we went in search of a New/Old machine.
Found one.....
I don't gamble. To buy a machine, I can't guarantee works, was hard for me to do.
I bought it. The straight stitch is a dream. But it looks like I'll have to take it to the repair guy, and have him fix the knob for the zigzag stitch and the other fun stitches.
Because they don't work right. 
Got my fingers crossed, that it can be fixed.

In the mean time, I remembered, Mom gave me a Singer Featherweight Portable machine, many years ago.
I love antiques! Isn't it cute?
It works great. All metal parts. Light weight, and portable.
Pretty gold scroll print.
I never used it, because I didn't want to break it., or mess it up.
Well, the repair man says, USE IT!
Guess I will start putting it to use, while I wait for my Green Machine to get fixed.

Dear friends, Listen to Mom.....
Get yourself and OLD Machine. The ones that weigh a ton, and have all metal parts.
I been told, sewing is becoming a dying art. 
Clothes are cheaper to buy than make, and quilting isnt carried down like it used to be.

After I get my green machine fixed, I may go find a few more, for my daughters.
I want them to learn all my mom taught me.
Thanks Mom, I love you!
No more throw away machines for this family.
Happy Sewing!!!